Gastronomie von Anfang an

Website, PWA


GvA's landing page is a Static Progressive Web App(PWA) and was originally designed and developed at September 2016.

Gastronomie von Anfang an website mockup

Documentation and Styleguide:
Compatibility: All modern browsers (IE10+). Offline functionality (PWA) compatibility with firefox(44+), chrome(45+) browsers.


  • Content strategy, web design, development.
  • Deployment and webserver (apache) configuration.
  • Testing, optimization, maintenance and documentation.
  • Facebook, LinkedIn, Xing business pages setup.
  • Google business and google search console registration. Google analytics integration.


CSS: Bootstrap, Animate.css, sass
JS: Bootstrap, jQuery, jqBootstrapValidation, modernizr, Google Maps API
Build tools: npm scripts
Development Dependecies: node-sass, purify-css, autoprefixer, critical, eslint, uglifyJs, imagemin (imagemin-webp), svgo, browsersync, onchange
Version control: Git, Bitbucket

Testing & optimization

  • General - JS (eslint), Html (W3c Validator),
  • Accesibility (wave)
  • Perfomance - Pagespeed Insights (score 98), Webpagetest (grade A)
  • PWA - Lighthouse (PWA score 90+)
  • Security - (grade A)
  • SEO - Rankgen (SEO score A)
  • CacheTest - Gift Of Speed
  • Browser Testing - Browsershots
  • Favicon - Favicon checker


  • Structured Data (jsonld)
  • Robots.txt setup
  • Sitemap.xml setup
  • Google Search Console website registration
  • Open graph, twitter card meta
  • Created/linked social media pages (linkedin,xing,facebook) but no social media or any kind of marketing


  • Gzip compression (apache config)
  • CSS-JS Minification, CSS purification (on build)
  • Webp images with fallback to progressive jpgs (on build)
  • Http/2 protocol
  • Inline Critical CSS (on build)
  • Caching assets (apache config)
  • Service worker registration for offline functionality


  • Serving Static content
  • SSL certificate
  • HTTP Strict Transport Security - serve only over https (apache config)
  • Protect against XSS attacks (apache config)
  • Protect against page-framing and click-jacking (apache config)
  • Protect against content-sniffing (apache config)
  • Content Security Policy (apache config)
  • Referrer-Policy (apache config)


  • Google analytics setup (paired with google search console)